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By Staebler Insurance on Feb 11, 2020

They say nothing gold can stay, and isn't that the truth. While we might be used to keeping an eye on the expiry date for our groceries, or swapping out the batteries on our fire alarms, there are plenty of other common house hold items that can go bad on you without you realizing it.  Let's take a quick trip through the average home and check out a few of the most likely offenders.   In the closet :  Fire extinguishers : Make a...

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By Staebler Insurance on Feb 5, 2020

Great, you’ve done the responsible thing and you’ve purchased a comprehensive life insurance policy. Now you can rest easy knowing that should anything unfortunate ever happen to you, your family will be protected. But are they? A good life insurance policy can only help your family if they are aware of it. When you purchase a life insurance policy, be sure to do the following to make sure your family has the information they’ll need on the worst day of their lives. Talk to...

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