COVID-19: Information for our clients


By Staebler Insurance on Jun 29, 2020

With pandemic restrictions related to COVID-19 continuing to ease across Ontario and much of the province in Phase Two of the re-opening plan, there are important considerations to be aware of that may affect your insurance. More businesses have restarted operations, more people are heading back to work, and some sense of the old normal is slowly returning. As a result, your routine may be changing (yet again) and you may need to update your insurance policies to reflect your...

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By Staebler Insurance on Jun 4, 2020

When I was young, RC planes were the pinnacle of the toy world. What could be cooler than a model airplane that could actually take off and pull cool loops and barrel rolls through the sky (or at least until you managed to stick it in a tree)?  It turns out we all had a limited imagination. The modern-day drone makes those old balsa wood and foam planes seem antiquated. They are sleek, futuristic, and capable of dozens of cool tricks and gimmicks that would have...

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