COVID-19: Information for our clients

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By Staebler Insurance on Nov 24, 2020

Insurance is bought to ensure if the unexpected happens, there’s a solution to make things better. Imagine an accidental garage fire: All of your possessions are lost, but insurance is there to get your items back and repair the damage. Now consider owning a business, where you not only have possessions but are responsible for the financial wellbeing of others. It’s nearly impossible for anyone to be able to handle that burden if the unexpected happens and you're required make...

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By Staebler Insurance on Nov 16, 2020

In Canada, patio season is a rite of spring. Unfortunately when our fall season hits, it usually signals the end of those patios – but this year is different. Bars and restaurants are going to need to rely on outdoor dining to stay in business, while individuals are trying to extend their home patio season to entertain friends and family in a safer place. As the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to affect our daily lives, it is important to remain up to date...

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