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A Load at Rest is a Load at Risk - Blog

By Staebler Insurance On Jun 27, 2018

The long weekend is almost here! Remember to keep your cargo safe, as it may be at greater risk of theft. A long weekend can be a prime time for opportunistic thieves to strike.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Never drop a loaded trailer without dispatches approval.
  2. Most thefts occur when trucks are left parked on the side of the road and/or outside maintenance facilities. Truck stops are another hot theft area.
  3. Loaded trailers must always be secured in an approved yard.
  4. While on route: if you are forced to leave your truck, trailer and cargo for a brief period, make sure it is secured, parked in a well lit area and in view of cameras.
  5. Never leave keys in your truck.
  6. Always secure your trailer with your personal paddle lock and customer's seal.
  7. Secure your steering wheel with a locking device, kingpin locks or glad-hand locks.
  8. If you drop a load at a customer's location, make sure you have your Bills of Lading signed off from the authorized receiver.
  9. Cameras and covert tracking are good tools to assist in recoveries.
  10. If the location just does not feel right, do not leave the Truck, Trailer and/or Cargo unsecured. It may be gone when you come back.
Target Commodities? "Everything is a Target Commodity Now!"
Thanks to our friends at Old Republic Canada for these tips to help keep your cargo safe.