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Local Flood Warnings Have Begun - Blog

By Staebler Insurance On Mar 11, 2020

With rapidly rising temperatures and rainy pre-spring weather, flood warnings will become more and more frequent. This week the Grand River Conservation Authority issued official warnings for Ayr, New Hamburg, and Drayton near the Conestogo River.
A river, in calmer times.
A river, during calmer times. (Photo from Pexels)

If you live near rivers it is a good idea to be notified about watches and warnings. You can subscribe to the GRCA alert emails.
In case of flooding, remember these important tips:
    • Don't panic and make sure everyone is safe!
    • Do not touch electrical wires, appliances, or devices
    • If the sanitary sewer backs up into your basement, don't flush the toilet or turn on any taps, even if you have installed a backwater valve. This will only cause further flooding
    • Separate your undamaged property from the damaged property and move it to a safe place, if possible, to prevent any further damage. Prepare an inventory of what has been lost or damaged
    • Take photographs of damaged property
    • Keep receipts of any clean up costs incurred (i.e. wet/dry vacuum rentals, cleaning supplies, etc.)
The GRCA issued this notice to all residents: Remaining ice may break up and shift; ice fishing is now done for the season at all conservation areas. A flood watch is in place for the rest of the Grand River watershed. People are reminded to stay away from slippery banks and off of dangerously-thin ice.