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What are the new penalties for Speed Racing and Stunt Driving in Ontar

By Staebler Insurance On Jul 13, 2021

The provincial government introduced new laws on July 1 to help slow down speeders and make Ontario roads safer.

The Moving Ontario More Safely Act begins by targeting aggressive driving, stunt driving, and street racing. They are lowering the threshold for tickets and increasing the penalties if caught.

Many municipalities, including Waterloo Region, are reporting more stunt driving and street racing incidents over the past year. The trend has forced the Ontario government to act quickly and enact more severe penalties. And police services have already announced that they will be on patrol to enforce the new laws.

The Moving Ontario More Safely Act includes these increased penalties:

 • Roadside driver’s licence suspension and vehicle impoundment increases from seven days each to a 30-day license suspension and 14-day vehicle impoundment
 • Plus, new escalating licence suspensions for drivers convicted of street racing:
 o First offence = one to three years
 o Second offence = three to 10 years
 o Third offence = lifetime suspension, that may be reduced at a later date
 o Fourth offence = lifetime driver’s licence suspension
The new regulation also lowers the speed to be charged with stunt driving on roads where the speed limit is less than 80 km/h. Now anyone caught going more than 40 km/h over the speed limit faces a stunt driving charge and the additional penalties that go along with it.

Speeding is dangerous and now speeding includes more significant penalties. You will also be hearing from your insurance company about the added risk and a likely increase in your insurance premium. It’s not worth the speed, let’s get where we’re going safely.

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