Renew Your Ontario Driver’s Licence and Licence Plate

May 15, 2023
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Ontario has stopped mailing out driver’s licence and plate renewal notices, making it more important than ever to keep track of expiry dates.

In addition, the Ontario Provincial Police are rolling out licence plate scanning devices on its cruisers, creating an easier way to catch expired licences or nonrenewed licence plates.

The Automatic Licence Plate Reader (ALPR) can scan licence plates with both front and rear facing cameras, and alert officers of infractions.

In an interview (Source:, the OPP said that during a 22-minute span on Highway 403, the ALPR was able to detect 32 vehicles with infractions. These included expired licence plates, unlicenced drivers, and suspended drivers.

Without the familiar renewal notices, it’s possible to forget to renew your driver’s licence or licence plate. However, that excuse is not being accepted at the roadside as officers are laying charges for expired items.

Here are a few Staebler Suggestions to remember your next renewal:

  • Sign up for Ontario’s digital reminders: The Ministry of Transportation will text and/or email you before expiry: Sign up here
  • Set a reminder on your phone: Use a calendar app to remind yourself a month or so from its expiry date
  • Write it on your wall calendar: The old-fashioned way but it works well as a visual reminder before expiry

Whichever way you choose to keep track of your expiry dates, it’s important to renew to ensure you avoid receiving a ticket or lose your insurance eligibility.

LEARN MORE: How to Renew your Licence Plate in Ontario – Staebler Insurance

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