Local Flood Warnings Have Begun

Mar 11, 2020
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With rapidly rising temperatures and rainy pre-spring weather, flood warnings will become more and more frequent. This week the Grand River Conservation Authority issued official warnings for Ayr, New Hamburg, and Drayton near the Conestogo River.

If you live near rivers it is a good idea to be notified about watches and warnings. You can subscribe to the GRCA alert emails.

In case of flooding, remember these important tips:

  • Don’t panic and make sure everyone is safe!
  • Do not touch electrical wires, appliances, or devices
  • If the sanitary sewer backs up into your basement, don’t flush the toilet or turn on any taps, even if you have installed a backwater valve. This will only cause further flooding
  • Separate your undamaged property from the damaged property and move it to a safe place, if possible, to prevent any further damage. Prepare an inventory of what has been lost or damaged
  • Take photographs of damaged property
  • Keep receipts of any clean up costs incurred (i.e. wet/dry vacuum rentals, cleaning supplies, etc.)

The GRCA issued this notice to all residents: Remaining ice may break up and shift; ice fishing is now done for the season at all conservation areas. A flood watch is in place for the rest of the Grand River watershed. People are reminded to stay away from slippery banks and off of dangerously-thin ice.



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