Kitchener Fire Department’s Home Safety Reminders

Sep 22, 2023
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Did you know the number one cause for home fires is related to unattended cooking? Whether it’s an unattended oven, stovetop, or barbeque, with busy lives and household distractions it is becoming more common to forget that something is cooking.

To help avoid a fire at home, the Kitchener Fire Department shared following cooking tips:

  • Set an alarm. Use your smartphone, watch, or voice assistant to remind you when the cooking time is done
  • Keep a utensil in your hand to remind you to regularly go back and check on the cooking source
  • Stay nearby. Don’t wonder off to another floor or outside while anything is cooking

In addition to these helpful tips, the fire department is stressing the continued importance of smoke alarms to save lives and help avoid further fire damage to homes.

Important Smoke Alarm Safety Reminders Include:

  • Smoke alarms are required by law for every level of a house (and they should be tested monthly)
  • Residents are required by law to have a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm outside each sleeping area
  • Regularly maintain your smoke and CO alarms by dusting and/or vacuuming them
  • Develop a fire safety plan and practice it so every member of the household is aware of what to do and what not to do in case of a fire

Kitchener’s Annual Firefighter Open House

The Kitchener Fire Department is opening its doors to the public on Saturday, September 23 with an Open House at the Kitchener Fire Headquarters (270 Strasburg Road, Kitchener).

They plan to have entertainment for the entire family with fire truck tours, fire equipment displays, interactive firefighting activities, food trucks, a climbing wall, and more.

The fire department will be selling their new cookbook called Firehall Favourites, and best of all – proceeds raised with be donated to Grand River Kids through the Grand River Hospital Foundation.

More information about the Open House be found here: Kitchener Fire Annual Open House

Provincial “Test Your Smoke Alarm” Day

Thursday, September 28 is the first provincial Test Your Smoke Alarm Day. Fire departments across Ontario are encouraging homeowners to test their smoke alarms around their house.

The goal of the day is to develop a habit of pressing the alarm’s test button at least once a month and to remember to change the batteries once per year. At the same time, check your carbon monoxide alarms to ensure they are also in good working order.

Pro Tip: Set yourself a recurring calendar reminder to test your alarms at the same time every month.

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