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By Staebler Insurance on Nov 21, 2017

Buying insurance has never been easier. You can go online, click a few buttons, answer a few questions, pay with your credit card, and your insurance is taken care of. You’re covered in just a few minutes. Or are you?   The less your insurance company asks about you, the less they know about you.   Then when the unfortunate happens, the insurance company is going to want the details. All the details. All the questions you were never asked before you purchased a policy...

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By Staebler Insurance on Feb 1, 2016

For those drivers who use their own vehicle to carry paying passengers, like Uber drivers, there is now insurance coverage available for you!   Effective today, February 1, 2016, Aviva Canada has launched this new coverage and it is available through Aviva brokers like Staebler Insurance.   More information will follow in the coming days.    Contact our office today to speak with a Staebler broker: 1-800-321-9187 or info@staebler.com .

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