What you need to know to be Cyber Secure in 2022

Jan 27, 2022
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It’s a trend that continues to be more prevalent every year. Last summer the Staebler blog reported the unfortunate increase in security breaches, ransomware demands, and other data attacks on corporate systems.

Now, Cyber Insurance is one of the most asked about coverages to add to commercial insurance policies. With remote work continuing to be the norm for most organizations, they must constantly adapt to the changing cyber security space.

Recently, Secureworks, a cyber security firm released its Top 22 tips for organizations to remain secure in 2022 and beyond. Here are a few of our favourites that can help your organization this year:

• Monitor endpoints for the earliest possible warnings of an attack
o You know the saying: “the horse is out of the barn”, and it’s is too late to close the gate. In the cyber security world it’s often too late to react once the attack has begun so be sure to have early warning systems in place
• Remote work isn’t going anywhere: Check controls for a borderless world
o With many employees continuing to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical to ensure workers are equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to keep out the bad actors from your network
• Rotate passwords less while requiring stronger passwords
o No one loves to update their password on a regular basis – so instead of monthly requirements, consider implementing tougher passwords that combine numbers, letters, special characters and a minimum length of 10 characters

• Harden and segregate critical authentication systems
o The use of multi-factor authentication processes is becoming increasingly popular tool to keep networks safe and secure. Be sure that your team is aware of importance of having additional authentications and to use them properly.
• Have an incident response plan and test it
o A plan of action is only good enough if it has been tried and tested. Have a new security breach response plan for when the unexpected happens and that everyone is practiced to handle their role and process.
Not only are the above point some good cyber security steps, but more and more are becoming requirements when trying to obtain cyber insurance coverage.
Want more cyber security tips to help secure your organization? Find out what Secure Works believes are the 22 most important things to consider in 2022.
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