All I Can Say Is…..Trusted Advisor or Necessary Evil?

Oct 21, 2016
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Recently, I’ve had to choose a “trusted advisor” regarding financial aspects of my business and personal life.  We all arrive at a time in our lives that we have to do this.  I dreaded it.  I actually procrastinated for months and wanted nothing to do with it.  This is quite ironic, coming from me, whom I consider to be a “trusted advisor” to my insurance clients.  I have always treated my role with respect and pride.  I have always felt that my clients needed me to be an extension of their business.  They have several aspects of the trucking industry to navigate to be successful.  Insurance is one of the ones that they detest.  It is mandatory.  There is nothing harder to tell an entrepreneur what they HAVE to do or have.  However, that is my role and I chose it and still do, everyday.  I needed to apply this thinking when looking for my own “trusted advisor”.  I did and have found a great one and am very pleased to say that I feel completely comfortable with him and now know how my clients feel about me.

Having a “trusted advisor” doesn’t mean you relinquish all responsibility of sound decision making or participating in the work.  I have heard some detractors of my line of business say that each business owner should do the hard work when looking at insurance.  While I will agree that knowledge is power and will benefit you in your decision making, I think that there comes a point where you partner with the “trusted advisor” and defer to their expertise.  A good business owner will know when to listen and take the advice offered to them by someone they trust.  There is nothing more satisfying than sharing knowledge and watching your clients “get it”.  When this happens, everyone wins.  I am very fortunate to have several clients who “get it” and have even taught me a thing or two now and then.

I guess what this little rant is all about is; you’re not supposed to know everything about everything, but you should know who to go to who knows what you need.  You should seek out a “trusted advisor” for the professions that are there to partner with and assist you.  Surrounding yourself with these types of individuals will not only enrich your business, but you may learn a thing or two you never knew you needed to know.  One thing will always remain in the trucking industry: passion.  This industry is chock full of it and I believe we all make it better!


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