Electric Car Popularity Accelerates in Waterloo Region

Jun 29, 2021
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The pursuit of a cleaner future relies on the actions of individuals. Making the decision to change from a gas-guzzling car or truck to an electric vehicle is one of those actions.

In Waterloo Region, that action is becoming more and more of a trend.

A recent report highlights the impressive uptick in electric vehicles found in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and the townships.

Sustainable Waterloo Region had a local goal of 1,000 electric cars on the road by 2020. The market has shot well past that seeing over 2,700 driving around in Waterloo Region. In 2017 that number was just 559, highlighting changing attitudes and people’s perception towards plugging in.

It is expected the popularity of electric cars won’t slow down anytime soon.

It’s helped that manufacturers have bought into this trend, offering nearly endless model options for the climate conscious consumer. At one time the only choice was a traditional sedan (think Toyota Prius) but today those shopping for an EV have a wide range of options, including: SUVs, hatchbacks, and pickup trucks.

The biggest hesitancy for buyers is the car’s driving range on a full charge. While battery capacity in cars has increased, so has the number of charging ports around Waterloo Region and beyond. It’s become easier to find a station along your route or at your destination. Charge Hub shows a detailed map of where and when you can plug and re-charge.

The option of installing a home-based charging station is also becoming more affordable for owners. As well, condominiums and apartments are adding this feature to attract new tenants. Employers are also seeing the benefit of onsite charging stations as an employee perk.

Are you thinking of buying or leasing an EV? Are you going to be installing an electric charger in your garage to ensure your car is always ready at 100%? Be sure to talk to a Staebler Broker who knows the solutions that will make sense for you and your new car.

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