How Hot Can Your Car Get This Summer?

May 22, 2019
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It may not feel like it right now but the hot summer temperatures are coming.

This video illustrates how quickly a car can heat up and become a deadly environment for children, pets, and the elderly. Even in 20 short minutes the car’s temperature can rise by 15 degrees Celsius. In just an hour it could be in the high 40s!

Prevent a tragedy from happening to you or a loved one.

First off, don’t think it is ever okay to leave any child, elderly or animal unattended in the car – no matter how quick you think you’ll be.  Even when running into the convenience store for a bag of milk, bring them with you.

There are also some simple behavioural changes you can take now to prevent the unthinkable:

  • Remember to “Look before you lock”: This is a good habit for you to take a quick peak in the backseat before hitting the lock button on the remote
  • Get into the habit of leaving an item of value (purse, wallet, cell phone) in the backseat every time you use the car. This will force you to actually open the rear door every time you exit
  • Place a child’s item like a toy in the front passenger seat as a visible reminder of the precious cargo behind you
  • Position the car seat in the middle (if safe and possible) so it is easier to see the child in your rear view mirror
  • Discuss the topic of hot-car deaths with every person who drives your child (grandparents, babysitter, and friends). This will re-enforce the importance of keeping your mind on the child

Important: If you ever come across an unattended child in a car, call 911 immediately. In case of an animal, call the Humane Society.


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