How to Stop Your Car from Being Stolen in Kitchener and Waterloo Region

Sep 20, 2022
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Car thieves are becoming more sophisticated and, despite the latest technologies, these criminals are discovering new ways to thwart anti-theft devices. They are most often targeting vehicles with keyless entries to help them quickly steal a car. As stolen vehicle statistics continue to rise – don’t be the next one! Here are the top ways to stop your car from being stolen.

Signal Relay Attacks
The technology in your key fob can be wonderfully convenient for you. Unfortunately thieves are also finding it convenient to gain access to your car and starting it. They are using a device that amplifies and relay’s the fob’s signal to your vehicle and allows them in.

How to Stop this Theft: A faraway bag or box can block your key fob’s signal so it won’t be picked up by a thief’s relay device. It’s also recommended that you don’t lock your vehicle from a distance. For example, in a mall parking lot, the act of locking your car from a few rows away can help a thief “steal” your signal.

Onboard Diagnostic Ports
Thieves have become cleverer by targeting your car’s onboard diagnostic port (ODP). After gaining entry, thieves use the ODP to program a new key fob and seamlessly drive your car away.

How to Stop this Theft: ODP locks are available to cover the ODP. Dummy ports are another option that can sit below the dash and are useless to thieves. Other recommended deterrents are a steering wheel or gas pedal lock to prevent your car from being driven away.

Other ways to help prevent your car from being stolen:

  • Invest in a GPS tracking device for your car. They can quickly locate a stolen vehicle’s location to assist police
  • Park in a garage (whenever possible) and be sure your all your car’s locks work and the security system is active
  • Your car is valuable enough – don’t make it even more tempting by leaving valuable items like electronics or luxury shopping bags in plain sight. Take them with you or place everything in the trunk
  • Keep an eye for suspicious activity. Create or join a neighbourhood group on social media and report anything unusual. Thieves are stalking the area overnight and even during the day to find targets to steal at another time

Source: Brokers: These tips can help clients avoid getting their cars stolen (

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