Record Gas Prices in Kitchener-Waterloo! The Top Ways to Save on Gas Mileage Today

Oct 22, 2021
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With gas prices souring around Ontario this month, drivers are frustrated and there’s no question they’re looking for ways to save. Industry experts are suggesting there isn’t an end in sight so we have a few ways you can make your next fill up last longer.

Slow your Acceleration

When the light turns green, the speed demon may suggest: “hit the gas and get up to speed as quickly as possible”. That’s not a good idea if you’re looking for fuel efficiency. A gentle and easy acceleration will do wonders for your mileage.

Watch your Speed

At the same time as watching how quickly you accelerate, the same goes for traveling speed. Even a reduction of 10-15 km/h on the highway can have a significant effect on your gas mileage. It is also recommended to stay at a consistent speed to maximize mileage.

Stop Smoothly

Start slowly, stop slowly. It’s important to keep a gentle foot on, not just the accelerator, but the brake too. Sudden, hard stops can affect your mileage. Experts suggest keeping an adequate distance from the car ahead of you so you have to react when they stop or make a sudden turn.

Maintain your Ride

This might seem like an obvious one, but a well-maintained automobile will have better fuel efficiency than one that’s been forgotten about. This includes using the correct oil for the engine and making sure it’s changed regularly. Don’t forget about the tires!  Worn down or poorly-inflated tires will have an impact on your gas consumption.

Lighten the Load

Naturally the more weight in your car, the more gas is needed to get it moving and keep it moving down the road. Consider the extra “stuff” you may be carrying in the backseat or in your trunk. If you don’t need it for the grocery store run, then leave it at home.

Look for Loyalty Cards

Many gas stations in Ontario offer loyalty cards or rewards points to frequent customers. Shell, for example, is a part of the Air Miles program where you can cash in your “miles” for money off your purchase. Some credit cards offer cash back on fuel, X cents off per litre, or other incentives that can help you save.

Plan your Travels

Only have “one quick errand” to run? Perhaps wait until you can knock a few things off your list. Try to consolidate those multiple weekly trips into one. Even just a few kilometres here and there can drain the gas tank quicker than you think.

What are ways that help you save on gas? Share with a comment below!

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