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Sep 19, 2019
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When the Ontario government announced earlier in September that the digital pink slip is an acceptable proof of insurance, we jumped on the opportunity to give our clients another option.

On Tuesday we launched our new eDocument Self Serve Kiosk that makes it quick, easy, and convenient to obtain an ePinkSlip. The goal in the future is to add more options and features to allow clients to receive policy documents and make important insurance changes on the go.

If you’re a Staebler client, you will need the email address associated with your account. If you’re not sure if you do, contact your broker and confirm that you are set up.

Our new landing page walks you through the rest of the steps – trust us, it’s quite simple.

The great thing is having access to your proof of insurance pink slip wherever you are.

While we understand that not everyone will want to hand over their phone when requested by police, there are other uses: Think about when you go to renew your licence plate or when you are signing up for a rental car. It’s convenient when you don’t have to scramble to find your paper pink slip.

Keep in mind the traditional pink slip isn’t going anywhere yet, and is still an acceptable proof of insurance. The government is using the following year to trial the digital option and will see how well it works for consumers.

We want to hear your thoughts on this new feature as well. Feel free to send us a message: [email protected]


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