Telling your friends about Staebler can Earn You a Full-day Home Cleaning and Inspection from PuroClean!

Jul 25, 2017
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At Staebler, we value the recommendation of our customers more than any other kind of endorsement. Referrals let us know our valued customers are happy and it motivates us to continue providing our clients with the very best service.

That’s why we created the new Staebler Supporters Referral Program, as our way of expressing our gratitude to those customers who share their Staebler experience with others.

Right now, we’re thrilled to offer a special reward to our Platinum Supporters: a free Full-day Home Cleaning and Expert Inspection from PuroClean! This is an over $200 service you can earn just by continuing to tell your friends and family about us.

What makes a home cleaning from PuroClean so special? Well, when most of us think about cleaning the house, we tend to think of the usual suspects: Vacuuming the carpets, scrubbing the sinks, mopping the kitchen floor, the typical housekeeping staples.

PuroClean thinks differently! When the paramedics of property damage are called in to clean a home, they CLEAN a home!

While specializing in water, fire, and mould damage restoration, the professionals at PuroClean have an entirely different standard of clean in mind when they look at a home. Not only does a professional cleaning crew come in to scrub down and sanitize, PuroClean will send a Project Manager complete a 10-point home inspection. This is a critical value add which focuses on preventative maintenance for your home.

This 10-point inspection includes:

  • A roof inspection (from the ground)
  • Downspouts, window wells
  • Siding/brick cracking/window seals & caulking
  • Weather stripping/doors
  • Interior attic insulation & attic mould inspection
  • Closets – mould inspection & Bathroom – ceiling mould inspection
  • Proper bathroom fan exhaust
  • Shut offs
  • Furnace filters
  • Foundation issues (exterior and interior, if visible)

It’s this commitment to quality service and expert inspections that has made PuroClean Canada such a trusted name in the property repair and restoration industry and why we’re so excited to work with them to offer this reward to our most passionate supporters!

Visit our Staebler Supporters Referral Program page for more details on how you can begin earning valuable rewards simply for your recommendations of Staebler Insurance.


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