Five Insurance Related Resolutions for the New Year

Jan 6, 2023
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5) Drive Safely to Help Avoid Tickets & Collisions

Driving safely makes sense, right? We are often surprised at the number of speeding tickets and speed-related collisions that happen daily in Waterloo Region. Police are constantly urging drivers to slow down, especially in high risk areas like school zones and neighbourhoods. This past September saw the introduction of 40 km/h school zones and some folks are not yet adjusting their driving habits. Drive safer this year: You can save yourself the headache of a traffic ticket and the added costs on your car insurance renewal.  It’s a win-win!

4) Perform an Exterior Inspection of Your Home

We all like to think that our home is safe and secure and that we all live in a good neighbourhood. Unfortunately, with the frequency of break-and-enters, no neighbourhood is guaranteed safe. That’s why an exterior inspection is a smart idea. Check all windows, doors, any other entry points to ensure they are as burglar-proof as possible. Are there any dark areas at night? Consider placing a motion-detection light to discourage potential thieves. Finally, consider installing a smart doorbell with a camera to keep a watch when you’re not home.  For more information, check out the Waterloo Regional Police home safety tips online, here: Home Safety – Waterloo Regional Police Service (

3) Set Reminders to Renew Your Licence Plate, Driver’s Licence, etc.

There is a common misconception that since the Ontario provincial government eliminated licence plate sticker fees, car owners don’t need to renew their licence plates. It’s true that the physical sticker no long exists, however, motorists are still required to renew plates every one or two years. A pro tip we gave out last year is to sign up for digital reminders so you don’t miss when your Ontario licence plate, driver’s licence, or health card expires. Get ServiceOntario digital reminders |

2) Install a Water Leak Detection Device in Your Basement

Water damage is the bane of all homeowners. Nothing can ruin possessions quite like a water leak in the basement. That’s why water leak detectors have become a popular addition to homes. It’s a safety accessories that can alert you audibly or via a smart phone if it detects water. That valuable time can be the difference between saving possessions or a total loss in your basement.

1) Use an Insurance Broker to Help You Shop Around

For readers of this blog, this one should be a no-brainer. An insurance broker is your independent personal shopper for all of your insurance needs. They act on your behalf when purchasing your insurance and are there to be an advocate against the insurance company when a claim occurs.

Don’t forget to get in touch with your broker to review your coverage and make sure that your policy is keeping up with any life changes.  Everything from home additions & renovations and ‘big-ticket’ purchases to employment changes and travel plans can impact your insurance.  Be sure to get in touch with a Staebler Broker to review your insurance coverage needs.

Staebler Brokers are here to provide advice and expertise – and with years of experience, that sure pays off for our clients.

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