IBC Launches new iPad app to help Canadians learn how to Prevent Water Property Damage..

Mar 20, 2012
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Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) has launched the Dry House Challenge iPad app to help Canadians learn how to prevent water damage to their properties.
Based on recent estimates, the Canadian insurance industry pays $1.32 billion each year in claims due to water damage.
Launched during Canada Water Week 2012, IBC’s new Dry House Challenge iPad app is a free interactive game that shows homeowners how to prevent water damage in 15 potential problem areas around the house.
As the clock ticks, homeowners must ‘fix’ problems by choosing from a number of possible solutions and dragging the right icon to the source. The faster homeowners solve each problem, the more points they accumulate.
The app can be downloaded at no cost through iTunes and from IBC’s social media site at www.getintheknow.ibc.ca.

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