What You Need Before Your Winter Travel Vacation

Dec 28, 2022
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Special guest blog: Rhonda Martin from Plan For Wealth contributed to this blog.

Whether for a week in the sun or a winter living away, most budgets aren’t prepared for unexpected medical costs. Travel insurance is available to help cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations, early or late return home due to unexpected interruptions, lost baggage, your rental car, and more.

Buyer beware though – not all travel coverage is equal. To help you plan your winter getaway, we have compiled a list of travel insurance buying tips and important questions to ask when considering coverage options:

Buying Tips

  1. If you travel more than once a year, ask about annual multi-trip plans. These allow for unlimited trips of a specified time length throughout the year. Then, if you have one longer trip you can just buy the extra top up days and save money!
  2. Ask your travel insurance broker to quote different deductible levels – this significantly affects cost and may help you manage your budget.
  3. Most plans require a ‘6 month stability’ on your health and medications. Beware of this clause when planning your travel to ensure you will be covered for medical emergencies.
  4. Make sure your plan covers you and any travelling companions or children travelling with you, in case you have a medical emergency.
  5. All travel insurance coverage can be purchased as a stand alone or combined. Get pricing to see which is best for your needs and budget.
  6. Shop around – not all companies will price the same for each person so it’s worth the time to get multiple quotes before you buy.
  7. Ask about coverages for any pre-existing conditions to be sure these will be covered.
  8. Ask about discounts if you can your travelling companion book your travel insurance together. There are discounts out there!

Important Questions to ask:

Emergency Medical – Ask what is covered and what is not – including pre-existing conditions, COVID-19, emergency dental, lost prescriptions or glasses and more.  

Trip Cancellation – Ask about the difference between the standard reasons acceptable for cancellation of your trip or buy the ‘cancel for any reason’ upgrade.

Trip Interruption – If your trip is unexpectedly cut short or lengthened – are you covered? Find out what the daily allowance and maximum amounts are for this coverage.

Baggage – How long does your baggage have to be lost for before you can claim? Is there an interim allowance to help you manage until it is found?

Rental Car – Check what your credit card, car insurance, or work travel benefits cover first and ask your travel broker if you can waive coverages required in your country of travel.

Plan For Wealth carries a variety of Travel coverage options and can tailor coverage to your needs.

Feel free to call for a quote at 519 504-6382 or email [email protected] and we wish you safe travels this winter.

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