APRIL FOOLS: New Owl Species Discovered by Insurance Brokerage in Waterloo Region

Apr 1, 2024
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New Owl Species Discovered by Insurance Brokerage in Waterloo Region


KITCHENER, ON (April 1, 2024)  – Staebler Insurance is excited to announce the discovery of a rare, new species of owl in Kitchener’s Victoria Street and Coronet Lane area.

First spotted by an employee behind the company’s office at Staebler Place on March 27, Staebler officials jumped into action and alerted local wildlife experts who confirmed it’s a first of its kind discovery.

A Staebler employee shared their experience when they first noticed the new owl: “I was taken aback by the flecks of blue in the feathers and when I made eye contact with the owl, it stared back at me with piercing blue eyes,” said Yolande Charest, Vice President, Finance.

“I knew this bird was special, I immediately felt safe and protected in the presence of this owl.”

As discoverers of a new species, Staebler employees were granted the privilege to name the bird and unanimously chose the Great Wise Staeblerize Owl.

Fun Facts about the Staeblerize Owl

  • Native to the Waterloo Region area in Southern Ontario
  • Wildlife officials estimate this owl species to be a little over 150 years old
  • Particularly risk-adverse
  • Known to ferociously protect its nest from fire and flood risks
  • Tracks its young with a specialized TAG-style tracking system

As the wise owl dates back to Greek mythology, often being portrayed with Athena, the goddess of wisdom, it only makes sense that a long-established insurance brokerage was the first to discover this new species of owl in Waterloo Region.

Stay tuned to our blog for more facts and plans to ensure this special species lives on for at least another 150 years.

– 30 –

UPDATE: April Fools! We made that up. Unfortunately, there is no new Great Wise Staeblerize Owl. But a lot of the things about this fictitious owl are true about Staebler Insurance. Using a trusted insurance broker, whose wisdom can help navigate risk in your life, and bring you customized insurance solutions.

For many decades, an owl has acted as the Staebler mascot and “Be Wise, Staeblerize”, has been our well-known tagline. Today, our brokers proudly live up to that adage, ensuring clients are well-informed and protected.

. . .

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