An Insurance Broker can Be Your Gladiator

May 15, 2018
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When explaining the value of an insurance broker to potential clients we remind everyone that we work for them, not the insurance companies.
What does that mean? First, we shop the market to ensure you receive the best coverage, unbiased advice, and of course, the right price. Our brokers take a complicated product and make it easier to understand.
But what about claims? That’s when an insurance broker on your side really makes a difference. Think of brokers as insurance gladiators; ready to go to battle for you against the big insurance companies. Imagine you alone trying to take on the company, trying to understand the policies and all the fine print. That’s when the value of a broker really shines.
Recently Staebler received a glowing review from one of our clients about broker Penny Beacock’s response and her tenacity to go to battle for her valued clients.
Here’s what John and Debbie from Point Clark had to say:
“John and I want to thank you, Penny, for the 100% total care you dedicated to our claim.
“On February 22, 2018, we had a fast flood that soaked our workshop and the basement of our home. The water flowed into the family room, laundry room/bathroom and partially up the stairs to our main floor.
“When John called you to explain what had happened you went into immediate action plan! You gave us the name of a Restoration Company and even though that Company was too far away to reach us at Point Clark, they gave us the information to contact another company, which we did.
“After a week it seemed that our claim would be denied but you did not accept that and asked for more information and details from us to keep our claim open. We were able to tell you that we had a great deal of snow preceding the flood and an unusual warm up combined with heavy rainfall, contributing to the heavy flow of water.
“When I was growing up I remember the television commercials showing two hands cupped together! “You’re In Good Hands with Allstate’ or the Jingle, “Like A Good Neighbour, State Farm is There”. Well, I could make up my own ‘jingle’ and you would be the STAR!
“John and I are not young folks anymore and we have always been cognizant of the fact that one must be insured in case of accident, injury or worse. We also believed that our Insurance Company would support us if ever we needed to draw upon their help. You know in this situation, their response was a negative one UNTIL YOU intervened and worked, even on a Saturday with a visit to your Dentist in between, to help [the insurance company] rethink their negative response.
You restored our faith in ‘Insurance Coverage’ and without a doubt, we would recommend you, Penny, to anyone seeking insurance and an Angel to boot! I would be remiss if I did not thank you for persevering with me and teaching me, over the phone, how to send the pictures of our’ perfect’ drainage system, to you in PDF form! Who does that??? I know, Penny Beacock!!
“I look forward to meeting you in person and thanking you for your help. We do not know what the final coverage will be but I have to say, even if [the insurance company] continued to turn down our claim, I would still be writing this thank you letter to you!!”
Sincerely and with thanks, John and Debbie B., Point Clark, ON


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