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Nov 9, 2008
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We’re paperless! It’s important to us to do our part in conserving resources. In 2006 we began a process in our personal insurance department to become paperless. Today, most of our insurance companies suppress our copy of your policy documents and we receive data electronically. 2008 marked the year for commercial, accounts & H.R. to also begin incorporating our electronic workflows. Our mandate is to continue to embrace the electronic world & do our part for the environment.

What can you do to help? Did you know that many insurance companies will waive your comprehensive deductible when you have a stone chip? By having your stone chip repaired when it happens, you can avoid a windshield crack and replacement which in turn will help reduce windshield glass in our landfills.

Renewal updates by email, anyone? In 2008 we will have the capability of sending your renewal review, recommendations and suggestions to you through email. By having your insurance documents provided to you via email, we can save the forest & fuel resources used in traditional mail delivery. If you would like to GO GREEN & have your documents sent to you electronically, please contact us.


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