Security Suggestions to Help Keep Your Business Property Safe

Jan 29, 2024
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Businesses and commercial properties are often the target of thieves and criminal trespassers looking to cause trouble. For businesses and property owners, it’s critical to have strong security features in place that will both help deter and prevent break-ins from occurring.

In partnership with our insurance company partner, Northbridge Insurance, the following are three key areas to focus on to help keep your business property safe.

Security Fencing

A chain link fence is a popular option to have around the perimeter of your property. Businesses can consider some important security enhancements, such as: extended line posts, braces, rails, and tension wires to make it more difficult to get over. Businesses can also obstruct the exterior view by adding fabric along the fence.

Strong Locks

Another critical component of securing business facilities are the locks to keep unwanted persons out. A horizontal deadbolt is often not enough to slow down break-and-enters. Vertical deadbolts reinforce the mechanism by sliding through the metal rings on the door frame.

Mechanical locks can be strengthened by controlling them with a combination of traditional keys, magnetic key cards, and time locks. There are also electromagnetic locks that use magnets to hold locks in place. These locks can tightly secure entry and exit points for maximum security.

Keep in mind, locks are only good if their keys and other opening mechanisms are in the right hands. Be sure to control who has access and keep careful track so keys are not lost, copied, or stolen.

Reinforced Doors and Windows

Using a solid wood door does a better job at stopping break-ins than hollow door options. Consider a secondary layer at the doorway with additions such as crossbars, gates, and screens.

Don’t forget the windows! Installing crossbars can be an excellent visual deterrent. Glass security glazing has become a popular option with laminated glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate materials that can absorb impacts without breaking. Even consider bullet-resistant materials for even more protection – especially for businesses that store large quantities of cash.

Talk to a Business Insurance Broker

Even the best loss prevention measures need to be backed up by insurance that covers you and your business when the worst happens. Discuss your unique needs with a Staebler Insurance Broker and get started on protecting your business’s important assets.

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