Secure Your Mobile Devices from Cyberthreats

Oct 20, 2023
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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month and a great time to remind you that cybercriminals don’t stop their attacks at desktop or laptop computers. Smartphones have become increasingly popular targets for cybercriminals to exploit. These devices contain sensitive data, information, and are often gateways to other services and access points into personal and business settings.

Before we jump into some important security practices, special thanks to our technology partners at Fortify Network Solutions for sharing these four tips to remember to keep your smartphone secure.


Open, unsecure networks are a treasure trove for thieves looking to access your data and device. If you need to use a hotspot use a VPN to secure your connection and never access sensitive information while on a free public Wi-Fi network.


Fraudulent, impersonation texts are more common and can be convincing.  Similar to phishing schemes, these often suggest that urgent action is needed. Whether it’s your bank saying your account is frozen or a utility company saying your bill is late – don’t reply or click on any link. It’s important to take time to pause, think, and contact your service provider directly.


Use the built-in lock feature and get in the habit of always locking your phone when not it’s in use. Many devices now offer biometric lock features including fingerprint and facial recognition, providing an extra layer of security. PLUS: In case your smartphone is lost or stolen, know the steps to take to remotely disable or erase the device.


There are many free apps available for download. It’s important to never download apps from third party sources and be sure to only use your device’s authorized app store. Be cautious: Even apps from trusted sources can have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

Cyber risks are a part of everyday life.  Having the right knowledge and tools can slow or stop a cyberattack opportunity. To discuss your or your organization’s cyber risk and how to protect your valuable assets, reach out to a Staebler Broker to get started.

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