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Apr 20, 2024
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In the landscape of event planning and hosting, the legalization of cannabis in Canada has introduced a new element of risk. From small gatherings to large-scale festivals, the potential for cannabis exposure at events is now a reality for hosts.

In response, a new insurance coverage can provide protection: Cannabis Event Liability Insurance, exclusively available through our insurance partner, PAL. (Connect with a Staebler Insurance Broker to get started.)

With the introduction of Cannabis Event Liability, hosts can now safeguard themselves against the liabilities associated with cannabis consumption on event premises. Whether attendees are indulging in their own legally obtained cannabis or partaking in products served, sold, or sampled by third-party vendors, this coverage offers peace of mind in an evolving legal landscape.

What Does Cannabis Event Liability Cover?

Designed to protect against claims of the named insured’s negligence, Cannabis Event Liability provides coverage for various scenarios, including:

1. Guests Bringing Their Own Cannabis: In scenarios such as reception-style events, where attendees may bring their own legally obtained cannabis and consume it outdoors on the event premises, this coverage ensures that hosts are protected against potential liabilities.

2. Third-Party Vendors or Retailers: Events featuring third-party vendors or retailers serving, selling, or sampling cannabis products to attendees are also covered. It’s important to note that third-party vendors are required to carry a minimum of $2 million liability for their operations, along with product liability coverage.

What Events Does Cannabis Event Liability Cover?

Some examples of events where Cannabis Event Liability can provide insurance protection include:

– Reception-Style Events: Imagine a cozy reception where guests step outside to enjoy their legally obtained cannabis and then are allowed to re-enter the event. With this coverage, hosts can mitigate risks associated with outdoor consumption on their premises.

– Designated Cannabis Areas: Some events, such as concerts, festivals, and fairs, now include designated or licensed cannabis areas. Here, attendees can indulge in a safe and regulated environment. Cannabis Event Liability ensures that hosts are protected in these settings.

– Third-Party Vendor Operations: Events featuring third-party vendors offering cannabis products to attendees require robust insurance coverage. Cannabis Event Liability steps in to provide the necessary protection against potential liabilities stemming from vendor operations.

In an evolving legal and social landscape, the introduction of Cannabis Event Liability marks a proactive step towards addressing the risks associated with cannabis consumption at events. Event organizers can navigate this new terrain with confidence, knowing that they have comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to their needs.

With this new coverage, hosts can focus on creating memorable experiences for their attendees while safeguarding against the uncertainties of cannabis exposure.

Some exclusions apply. It is best to reach out to a Staebler Insurance Broker to discuss your event’s unique requirements and to obtain a quote for Cannabis Event Liability Insurance.

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